Benefits Of Using A Water Softener

The water in households typically contains calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. Water that contains these elements is called hard water. While hard water is deemed fit for human consumption and other uses, it has several drawbacks.

The elements present in hard water are known to cause limescale deposits which can cause damage to household plumbing and even appliances. In addition to that, limescale can significantly reduce the efficiency of water heaters because it is an insulator.

Hard water also produces limescale marks that make it doubly hard to clean up things like appliances, shower heads, taps, tiles and plug holes.

By using a water softener, you can eliminate these woes and reap several benefits. Water softeners use resins or minerals that are stored in a mineral tank to remove the particles present in hard water through the process known as ion exchange. The particles suspended in the water cling to the resin beads, thus softening the water.

One of the benefits of this water treatment is that it prevents limescale deposits from accumulating in your plumbing. In turn, this prevents plumbing problems and increases the efficiency of water heaters, leading to less energy consumption.

Many individuals who have used soft water attest to its benefits in easing, if not eliminating various skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Men, in particular, notice that shaving with soft water is much easier and the razor blades they use last longer. A lot of people also notice that soft water is better for washing hair and skin as rinsing shampoos and soap is easier. In addition to that, many report that they have softer hair and less clogged pores when they use soft water.

Hard water often leaves residues that can leave marks on household appliances. Clothes washed with hard water get stained and the fibers breakdown easily. By using soft water, household items can be cleaned easier and last longer — ditto with clothes which become softer to the feel and last longer. Some homeowners even report that they no longer need to purchase fabric conditioners for their clothes, allowing them to save more money and time.

The main reason for these is that the elements present in hard water reduce the efficiency of soaps and detergents. In order to get better results with hard water, people would simply use more soap or detergents. However, as more soap or detergent is added, more scum is formed.