An Informed Consumer’s Guide On Water Well Drilling

Water wells are common and significant archaeological features throughout civilizations across the globe. This is not only because they have a primary practical function, but they also symbolize the community’s values on health, life, fertility and legacy. Some of the oldest well sites in the world were found in Cyprus, Egypt dating back to 7500 BC and in Israel dating back to 6500 BC during the Neolithic period. Experts say that building these hand-dug wells, during a time when humans are just starting to build the first ancient farming systems, required major community effort over a long period of time.

Today, water well drilling has become a much more efficient and wide-scale process that relies less on manpower and more on machine. Drilling, excavating, and deep-rock cutting machines are now used for making wells that can fetch water from as deep as several hundred feet.

The modern well also differs from the traditional community wells in terms of its ownership. There is now an increasing number of private wells used for single household use. In the U.S., more than 15 million households have their own private well as the source of their drinking water. Home owners who want to establish their own deep-ground water source can contact a reliable water well drilling and water well repair company to install a well to suit their needs, according to health, safety and sanitation regulations in their area.

Before any work is done, households are usually required to contact their environmental health authority to get a permit for the project. The health department will perform the necessary steps, including a site inspection to determine if the water source location is safe from contamination and the water drilling process meets their quality standards.

Another key factor in ensuring the success of the water system installation is the choice of the well drilling contractor. Customers are advised to check with the appropriate government agency such as the state board of contractors to check if the potential contractor has the necessary and updated licenses required for such work. They can also request for information from authorities about any complaints from previous customers that might have been filed against the contractor.

Equipping a property with a water well can bring comfort and convenience to the household. Instead of going for cheaper options, it is best to work with an experienced team of professionals with a good track record to make sure the water system installation will be completed with the highest level of efficiency, safety and quality.